At the Women's World Curling Championship, Japan beat Germany 11-7 in the 1th round of the qualifying round to improve their head-to-head record to 6-5 and advance to the playoffs.

Rocco Solare, who represented the Japan of the Women's Curling World Championship held in Sweden, improved their record in the qualifying round to 23 wins and 2 losses with two consecutive wins, including a win over the powerhouse Canada on the 5rd, and faced Germany in the 5th match on the 5th.

In the first end of the Japan, skip Satsuki Fujisawa flicked the opponent's stone with the last shot and scored two goals first.

Japan continued to take advantage of the second and third ends, scoring one run each in a row to extend their lead to 24-11.

After that, each side scored one goal each, and in the seventh end, Fujisawa, the skipper of the first Japan attack, scored a shot that bounced out two of the opponent's stones with the last shot, and Germany's last shot after this was missed, and Japan scored two more goals.

Germany conceded the loss, so Japan won 1-2 to improve their qualifying record to 2-3 with three straight wins.

Japan will advance to the playoffs, where the top six out of 1 teams will advance to the playoffs, before facing New Zealand in the final game of the qualifying round.

Skip Fujisawa said, "I was able to enter the match in good form from the first end with a focus on reading the ice, and I think that the fact that we were able to discuss what kind of throwing method would suit this ice and throw it led to the victory."