After Sunday's mass start, the World Cup season is over. Edvin Anger, who is making his first season as a senior, has the chance to take his place in the top ten of the overall World Cup.

But Anger is not allowed to run Sunday's race.

Why is that?

"You can ask my coaches about that actually. I don't know, they don't seem to care about having two top ten overall world cups. I really think it would be pretty big," Anger told SVT Sport.

According to Anger, the poking is due to his performance in the distance race in Falun.

- They don't seem to be sticking to their policies. If you get carried away, you have to take that into account, but they don't seem to do that," he says.

Bystrom: "Know he's disappointed"

National team coach Anders Byström understands that Anger is frustrated.

"I know he's disappointed and we had a chat yesterday. I get it. He is young and wants to be at the top of the World Cup and fight. We have made a selection based on the criteria we have. Falun was an important competition," says Byström.

He believes that Falun should not be the basis, as he was removed?

"It's a total assessment that you have to do and there were many who did well in Falun. It's always difficult with the selection, there's always a discussion around it. Edvin wants, wants and wants. That's a good sign.