Jean-François Pérès 08:16, March 24, 2023

First press conference as captain of the France team for Kylian Mbappe. The football star answered with confidence this Thursday to questions from journalists, the day before his first match against the Netherlands in the qualifiers of the Euro. Successful first steps.

The France face the Netherlands this Friday. A match of the qualifiers for the Euro with a new captain for the Blues: Kylian Mbappé. But before the pitch of the Stade de France, the PSG star took his first steps with the armband in front of the press on Thursday. And the great oral is passed hands down for the star.

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A quarter of an hour spent at lightning speed. Smiling, lively, sometimes sharp exchanges, especially when Kylian Mbappé is asked if he would keep his freedom of speech. "Why do you want it to change?" he told Europe 1. When we point out that the role of captain is also a bit that of diplomat in the France team, with Hugo Lloris who was a captain who put a lot of forms, Kylian Mbappé replies: "Everyone is a captain according to his personality. I'm not like Hugo. Hugo is not like me, I'm not like the old captains... Everyone has been a different captain, so I will be an even different captain."

Everyone will have the right to speak

A captain who ensures that he is "not the hierarchical superior of Antoine Griezmann", with whom he intends to work hand in hand. Kylian Mbappé wants to unify: everyone will have the right to speak. So much so that he will share with other executives the next press conferences. No question on the other hand about the Netherlands, the formidable opponents of this Friday night. But there is no doubt that the new boss will be able to remind his troops of the importance of the appointment to immediately place his captaincy under the sign he prefers: that of victory.