The players of the Japan National Team, who won the WBC = World Baseball Classic for the first time in three tournaments, returned to Japan on 3 May to attend a press conference.

We will tell you the full text of each question and answer of Coach Kuriyama, the coaching staff, and the players' press conference.

Around 17:30 Coach Kuriyama and his players go to the press conference

At the venue, three trophies were displayed at the venue, including the first tournament (1) and the second tournament (2006). Four MLB players, Shohei Ohtani, Yu Darvish, Masanao Yoshida, and Lars Nootvar, have already left the Japan National Team and moved to their respective teams' camps.

Coach Kuriyama: "It was a wonderful team"

Q.There were a lot of fans at the airport.

A.First of all, when I arrived at the airport, I felt that many people supported me in the Japan. I think the players did their best to win the match thanks to the thoughts of many Japan. I am truly grateful.

Q.You won the championship by fulfilling your role. What kind of words would you like to send to the players?

A.In baseball, especially in international matches, I think it can go either way, and if you go beyond that, it can open up wide, but it was a wonderful game and a wonderful team that the players did their part on the spot and won the game in a difficult game. I can only say thank you, but I would like to say thank you with all the thoughts of all the baseball fans.

Q.Message to Fanhe.

A.The excitement in the Japan was conveyed to us. The players showed us how fun, amazing and scary baseball is. I would like to thank all the fans who created an environment where it is easy to do so in the Japan, and I hope that you will continue to support baseball. Thank you very much.

Q.What impressed you most about this tournament?

Head Coach Shirai: "Murakami goodbye in semi-final"

The scene that left the most impression on me in this tournament was when Murakami hit a goodbye hit in the semi-final. Zhou Dong, who ran as a substitute for first base, returned home, and as a third base coach, it was a very difficult situation to turn or stop, but all the players were on the bench with 30 runner coaches, so I was able to do it without hesitation. And the most impressive thing was that we were able to win the bye.

Coach Yoshimura: "I didn't know to throw Otani in the final"

In the final game, Ohtani was on the bench as the DH and was thinking about batting for a long time, but I didn't know how to throw at the end, so I heard that he went to the bullpen when I thought he was gone in the middle. I thought it would be great if he could get on the mound in good shape at the end.

Coach Yoshii: "We are confident of winning the championship by deciding the pitching staff"

There are too many episodes to say which one, but when I decided on the pitcher for this tournament, I was confident that I would win. That's right, everyone gave their best, so I think they are really great players.

Coach Shiroishi "Mune's switched face, I will never forget it"

There was an expression that I will never forget. I went to tell Mune (= Munetaka Murakami) about Coach Kuriyama's words before the bat when he said goodbye, but at that time, when I first saw Mune's face, he looked like he was coming to something, and he looked like a bunt or a pinch hitter, but I will never forget the face that turned on Mune's switch when I told him the coach's words and said, "Take the plunge."

Coach Shimizu "Thank you Tacchan (= Nootbar)"

Two points. Okamoto ran in the Tokyo pool and got out, but I lied from the side and said that it was an end run. I'm really sorry. The other one is "Tacchan". I wasn't expecting to blend in with the team that much, so I was actually very worried, but I'm grateful that he led me and it turned out like this.

Coach Atsuzawa: "Thank you to the chairman (= Udagawa)"

I was in charge of the bullpen myself, and it was really reassuring to see young pitchers going to the major leaguers after the semifinals every inning, every inning, every episode. However, one thing that I regret is that I was not able to put Udagawa of Udagawa Japan on the mound in the semifinals and final. It was a little disappointing that the chairman (= Udagawa) could not show off his leap on the mound, but the chairman Udagawa himself was the one who backed up the bullpen the most this time, and he supported me in the shadows in a way that was not a game, so I really want to thank him.

Coach Murata: "Three catchers did their job"

This time, we talked about the three catchers from the beginning that all three of us would win the championship, but since there is only one position, it is difficult to give everyone many opportunities, but in the semi-final, all three players came out and won and fulfilled their roles, which left the biggest impression on me. I was very reassured by the fact that he always had an expression that he could always go, and I think that actually happened in the semi-final and won the match, which led to the last wonderful final.

Kensuke Kondo: "It led to my own growth"

While there are not many opportunities to feel the world's players firsthand, I was able to participate in a tournament like this and see various players, which led to my personal growth, and I am really happy that I was able to win this tournament with Team Japan.

Takuzo Oshiro: "(Winning the championship) and everyone gathered on the mound"

I was very impressed that everyone gathered on the mound with a strikeout of the last batter.

Taisei Makihara: "Winning the championship on defence"

I didn't play in the match from the start with some great players, but it was a great experience for me to be able to win the championship in defence at the moment of winning the championship.

Hodaka Yamakawa "The Last (Otani) Shohei and Trout's Head-to-Head Fight"

I watched the final battle between Shohei (Otani) and Trout while thinking that it was dramatic, and I thought it was amazing.

Munetaka Murakami "A tournament that makes you set high goals"

It was a tournament that made us set even higher goals.

Kazuma Okamoto: "I was very happy to win the championship with this team."

It was a great experience for me and I had a lot of emotions, and I was very happy to win the championship with this team.

Yuhei Nakamura: "I'm really happy to be the best in the world"

There were emotions and pressures that I had never felt in my baseball career, but I am very happy to be able to play under such circumstances and to be able to win the world title with this team.

Tetsuto Yamada: "I enjoyed playing baseball with everyone"

I was able to enjoy playing baseball with everyone.

Takuya Kai "The best time"

I had a great time. I really appreciate it.

Sosuke Genda: "We were able to play baseball with wonderful members"

I am very happy that we were able to play baseball with a wonderful team and that we were able to achieve the best result in the world. Thank you for your support.

Keiji Takahashi: "I was able to play baseball with my best teammates"

I was very happy to play baseball with my best teammates.

Yukyo Zhou Dong "A tournament that remains in the property"

I don't think it's easy to have an experience like this, so I think it was a tournament that will remain in my possessions.

Shota Imanaga: "I was able to exchange opinions with a great pitcher"

I think it was a wonderful opportunity to exchange opinions with Mr. Darvish, Mr. Ohtani, and other wonderful pitchers from the Miyazaki training camp.

Hiroki Matsui "For my baseball life"

It was a tough time for me to get good results from the training camp to the training matches, but I would like to use the words I received from many seniors at that time as food for my baseball life and do my best again in the future.

Takumu Nakano: "I want to connect it to the season"

It was a great experience and I want to use this experience into the season.













牧秀悟「世界一をとれて すごく幸せ」








佐々木朗希「真剣勝負できて すごく楽しかった」


Coach Kuriyama: "I decided from the beginning to believe in the players"

Q.I was impressed by the way Coach Kuriyama continued to believe in his players. The importance of believing, and what kind of thoughts did you believe?

A.With so many players, all of them are really strong. However, when I am playing, there are various situations such as being in good condition or not being in great shape, but when I first thought "let's go with this" with this squad, they are really amazing members, so I decided from the beginning (to believe), and I think it's easier to go there if they believe in me, so that's what I feel.

Q.Was the world champion with this squad satisfactory?

A.Of course, it is important to achieve the goal of being the best in the world, but the people who Japan it felt the fun and awesomeness of baseball. I think a lot of kids will play baseball because I admire these players, so I was very happy that it led to that.

Q.What was the most memorable scene in this tournament? About winning all the games?

【Kazuma Okamoto】
Seriously, the moment when the game was set in the final left a lasting impression on me, and for me, I thought, "Baseball must have been so much fun." I was so happy.

【Munetaka Murakami】
I watched the scene in the final where Mr. Ohtani came out with an infield hit in the seventh inning, ran the bases amazingly, and then returned to the bullpen and walked alone from the bullpen to the mound, and I watched it on the bench at the request there, and the attitude of going to the mound even though his uniform was dirty was a dream scene. Winning as a team is the most important thing for baseball and for short-term finals, so I am satisfied that we were able to win all the games and win the championship.

Sosuke Genda:
With two outs in the ninth inning of the final game, everyone on the bench leaned back and I felt like I was entering the game very forward, and I was very impressed by the scenery of being the best in the world with one more out, and the scene where everyone gathered together at the moment of winning the championship. I am very satisfied.

In the semi-final, Mr. Masanao (Yoshida) hit a three-run shot, and after scoring the first goal with a three-run, he hit a three-run shot that was written off, and I really felt saved. I'm glad that we won all the matches and that the team should win more than the individual teams.

Yoshinobu Yamamoto:
The atmosphere I felt on the mound in the semi-final and the atmosphere of the stadium left a strong impression on me. Japan became the best in the world, so I'm happy with that.

Q.What will happen to the WBC in three years?

【Kazuma Okamoto】
I want to play baseball one more time.

In three years' time, I will do my best to play well and hit fourth in all matches.

Sosuke Genda:
I want to do my best to be selected again in three years.

Aki Sasaki:
I will do my best to play in three years with a mature form.

【Yoshinobu Yamamoto】
In three years' time, I will do my best to play baseball with the best members and become the best in the world.

Coach Kuriyama: "I made the children think it's cool"

Q.Do you have a message for the children who will bear the future?

A.I think the children simply looked at me and thought it was cool, so I think that people can do their best when they want to be like this, so I think it was great that the players showed and showed that kind of image, so I hope the children will go for that.

Q.What was the significance of winning the championship during the transition period of the baseball world, and what kind of year was it when you were unable to play a game due to Corona or other reasons?

A.First of all, I couldn't play the match, but I personally feel that if we had more time together, we would have had to understand more about those things while watching everyone play during the season and asking various people about their characteristics. This is something that could not be done, so I think it would be better to have that kind of time in Japan in the future.

As the number of children decreases and various sports are working hard not only in sports but also in entertainment, the range of dreams is expanding, and we will pass on the greatness and fun of baseball from our seniors to the next generation. When I was a child, I had a dream that if I became a professional baseball player, I would be able to make a living, so I think it was good that we all had to leave as much of an environment as possible, and in that sense, there are times when we can't convey that we have to win this time.

Q.How did you plan team management and team building?

A.I didn't think we had time to build a team, so we didn't have a captain this time, but since we are the only members here, I believed that we could definitely win the most easily with this squad, so that feeling remained the same from beginning to end. After entering the training camp, each fielder, pitcher, whole, or player eating together, I thought it was best for the players to do it, rather than wanting us to do this, so it naturally turned out to be really good, so by the end of the training camp, there was a sense of trust in that part.

Yuhei Nakamura: "If you bring out the good points, you can always suppress them"

Q.You led a relay of seven pitchers of different types in the final, but what is your awareness of the U.S. batting lineup? What did you talk about in the ninth inning when Ohtani pitched?

A.We had seven pitchers in the lead, but I thought that if I could somehow bring out their strengths and strong points, I would be able to keep them down, so I took it with that in mind.

When I talked to Ohtani in the ninth inning, I had never been in the bullpen before, so after talking with Kai on the bench for a bit, we first had a good autograph meeting on the mound, and Ohtani said, "It's okay to be sweet, so please be firm," so I sat down.

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