Inge Hammarström was present in the audience when Brynäs left the SHL on Thursday.

The former big player – who took four golds with the club during his active career – is cracked after the game (1-0 to Malmö).

"It's a very difficult evening. It's heavy... It hasn't landed in it yet. The extent of what has happened has not been understood. But now the reality is here," he told SVT Sport.

What has gone wrong for Brynäs this season?

"Everything from the sporting control, all the way down to the coaches. The lads have underperformed on the ice and they have found a way to lose in too many games. It hasn't been good enough.

Now hockeyallsvenskan awaits for Brynäs.

- Hopefully the lead has a plan b. They need to reorganize, reboot and build a new team. Many players will leave, contracts fall away in when falling down. I hope you have a plan b and that you can come back quickly again.

See Malmö's 1–0 goal that sunk Brynäs

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Brynäs knocked out – see Malmö's decisive goal in the player above Photo: Bildbyrån