In the domestic table tennis league T-League, the men's playoff final was held, and Ryukyu Astida, led by Tomokazu Harimoto, defeated Kinoshita Meister Tokyo 3-2 to win the championship for the second time in two seasons.

The men's final, held at Yoyogi 1nd Gymnasium in Shibuya, Tokyo, pitted Kinoshita Meister Tokyo, first place in the regular season, and Ryukyu Astida, who finished second in the regular season.

Ryukyu were given match point by Tokyo in the doubles match of the first match, but came back to win the game count 2-1.

However, in the singles match of the second match, university student HAMADA Kazuki lost to Mizuki Oikawa, who had won the All Japan Championship, 2-1.

In the third match, Harimoto, who is currently ranked first in the selection points for the Japan national team for next year's Paris Olympics, faced Shinozuka Daito, who is second in the selection points.

While Harimoto entered the match with great enthusiasm, Shinozuka calmly poked the course and scored to win the 2-year-old confrontation in straight sets, 3-1.

Ryukyu entered the fifth and final match of the one-game match with captain YOSHIMURA Maharu beating world No. 3 Hugo Calderano 1-2 in the singles match of the fourth match.

The final game was a match between Harimoto and Calderano, and Harimoto, who continued to attack aggressively from the beginning, dominated 11-4, and Ryukyu defeated Tokyo 3-2 to win the championship for the second time in two seasons.