Europe 1 17:08 p.m., March 23, 2023

The number 9 horse, Moon Wolf, came out on top in the quintet race in Saint-Cloud on Thursday, March 23. He beat No. 13, Morisot, and No. 5, Picnic Royal, respectively. At the foot of the podium, we find the 12th, Shamasabad and the 3rd, Joey Up. Find all the results of the race.

Alexis Pouchin is a happy jockey this Thursday, March 23. On his horse Moon Wolf, the number 9, won the quintet race of Saint-Cloud, in the Hauts-de-Seine. The Frenchman finished ahead of number 13 Morisot, ridden by Ioritz Mendizabal, and number 5, Picnic Royal, by Stéphane Pasquier. At the foot of the podium, Mickaël Barzalona and his horse number 12, Shamsabad, climbed to fourth place just ahead of the number 3, Joey Up of Maxime Guyon. In order, we have 9, 13, 5, 12 and 3.

A race with rope on the left

The top 10 of the day in Saint-Cloud gives respectively the 11th, Breath of Fire, the 2nd, Srifanelogreen, the 7th, Naishan, the 10th, Mykiss and the 6th, Woot City. Note that this race with 15 starters took place over 2,400 meters of distance, on a flat grass track with rope on the left, on a very flexible terrain.

Discover the top 10 of the quintet of March 23rd:

1st Moon Wolf (9)2nd Morisot (13)3rd Picnic Royal (5)4th Shamsabad (12)5th Joey Up (3)6th Breath of Fire (11)7th Srifanelogreen (2)8th Naishan (7)9th Mykiss (10)10th Woot City (6)

The next five-time meeting will take place this Friday at the Hippodrome de Vincennes from 16 pm.