【Commentary】The cold winter is fading, and the football town of Longjing Dongshengyong, Yanbian in Jilin, in March, is lively again. The U19 players of Yanbian Longding Football Club have been training here every day recently. Last year, the club had just qualified for the Central League One.

Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province has a long history of football, with football associations and leagues in all counties and cities. Since the 20s of the 50th century, more than 40 international players such as Gao Zhongxun and Jin Guangzhu have emerged from the local area, and more than 400 players have played in clubs across China. Therefore, the industry has the saying of "Nanmei County, North Yanbian".

As a frontier region, Yanbian has "congenital deficiencies" in the wave of China's football marketization, and Yanbian has twice withdrawn from the Chinese Super League due to financial pressure, most recently in 2019, when the team was disbanded.

However, fortunately, the Yanbian Longding team took over the banner of Yanbian football. The team that has only been established for 4 years has successively stood out in the China Championship and China Second League, and will enter the China League One in 2022.

【During the same period】Deputy General Manager of Yanbian Longding Football Club Lian Hongri

It is also a culture, culture and heritage of the Yanbian football team. Because all the players (fans) of Yanbian Province, whether teenagers or seniors, love this sport. This is the biggest support for Yanbian football, and it is also the biggest foundation.

At present, Longjing Dongshengyong Football Town has built 12 11-a-side football fields, which are usually an important venue for youth training in Yanbian Prefecture, and weekends are "carnival stage" for fans, and the strong football culture makes this place always full of happy atmosphere.

【During the same period】Yanbian Longding team U19 member Jin Guanghui

I think in Yanbian football, a small player like us must support it. After all, Yanbian fans pay attention to us. So we have to do our best to show them what we are capable of.

【Commentary】Over the years, Yanbian football's fierce and strong style of play and all-attack and all-defense style have always been talked about by fans. Lian Hongri introduced that during the most difficult time of Yanbian football, all departments across the state did not interrupt the training of youth football talents.

At present, there are more than 1000,300 youth football competitions in the state each year, more than 7000 teams and more than 10,<> participants, and more than <>,<> people participate in football in the state.

At present, more than 80% of Yanbian football's players are locally trained, which is quite rare in Chinese football. Lian Hongri said frankly that this is the "magic weapon" of Yanbian football to get out of the trough again and again.

An old photo hangs on the wall of Yanbian Longding Football Club - the stadium is full and fans climb into trees to watch the game. Lian Hongri said that with them, the flame of Yanbian football will never be extinguished.

Reporter Shi Hongyu reported from Yanbian, Jilin

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]