Ahead of their first training match after the World Cup on 24th, the Japan National Team held an official training session at the National Stadium, and ENDO Wataru, who will serve as the captain of the match, expressed his enthusiasm for the match, saying, "I want to show the new Japan National Team in full force."

The Japan National Football Team will play their first training match after the World Cup Qatar against Uruguay, who have won the World Cup, at the National Stadium in Tokyo on 24 September.

The players held an official training session at the National Stadium from the evening of 23 October, and in the first 15 minutes of the tournament, Endo, who will be the captain of the match on 24th, and MITOMA Kaoru, who is scheduled to start in the English Premier League and Brighton, worked up a sweat passing the ball around in the rain.

Of the 26 members of the squad, KUBO Takefusa, who did not test negative for the new coronavirus, and MAEDA Daizen, who was continuing to adjust his menu due to injury, did not show up and made adjustments at the dormitory.

Endo said, "I am proud to captain the Japan National Team, and I want to prepare myself so that the team can win while knowing what I need to do. I heard that the tickets are sold out, so I would like to show the new Japan national team, who is a little younger, to live up to expectations."

Coach Moriyasu: "Take on challenges toward new goals"

At the official press conference the day before the match, coach MORIYASU Hajime of the Japan National Team said, "I want my players to express their determination to take on the challenge of achieving the new goal of the 2026 World Cup.

Regarding the captaincy of YOSHIDA Maya until last year's World Cup, he revealed that the match on the 24th will be left to ENDO Wataru, saying, "I think he is a suitable player for the captaincy because he has experience and can be shown behind his back. I think it would be good if they were conscious of speaking and acting responsibly for the sake of the team, so I would like to see them take a closer look."