March 19-28.


Prince George, Canada.


The World Cup consists of a total of 13 teams, where everyone meets everyone in one and the same group. When the International Curling Federation chose to exclude Russia from all competition for the rest of the year, the Czech Republic received the last place.

The number one and runners-up in the group go directly to the semi-finals. Teams ranked 3-6 play the quarterfinals.

Sweden is represented by team Hasselborg, who recently clinched an Olympic bronze after defeating Switzerland in the match for third place.

Sweden's matches:

19 March 22.00: Sweden-Turkey 9-6

20 March 17.00: Switzerland-Sweden 8-7 (SVT1/SVT2/SVT Play)

20 March 22.00: Sweden-Denmark 9-4

21 March 17.00: Czech Republic-Sweden 1-8

22 March 03.00: Scotland-Sweden

22 March 17.00: Sweden-Italy (SVT Play)

23 March 03.00: Sweden-Japan

23 March 17.00: Canada-Sweden (SVT Play)

24 March 03.00: Sweden-South Korea

24 March 22.00: Germany-Sweden

25 March 03.00: USA-Sweden

25 March 22.00: Sweden-Norway


*26 March 21.00: Quarter-finals (SVT24/SVT Play)

*27 March 03.00: Semi-finals (SVT1/SVT Play)

*27 March 19.00: Bronze medal match (SVT Play)

28 March 00.00: Final (SVT1/SVT Play)

* = Quarter-finals, semi-finals and bronze medal matches will only be broadcast if Sweden plays.

The SVT expert comments:

Sweden's chances?

"I think it may be time now for their first World Cup gold, they have a very good chance. On the one hand, they are one of the best teams in the world, and on the other hand, they have recently finished an Olympics that they certainly enjoyed, but there was a lot of pressure as well. There they won bronze and I know they are happy about it, says SVT's expert Eva Lund.

"With the recent experience, I think they will be able to relax more and thus get more out of their game. They are incredibly talented.

Any question marks?

- Not in terms of team Hasselborg. However, we know that Scotland is not there with its reigning Olympic champions, but a new team. The resistance may not be as tough, but that doesn't mean it will get any easier by any means. But from the Swedish side, I don't see any question marks, I think they were very focused on winning gold.

The short upload doesn't mess it up?

- That's a pertinent question. I've done that myself and I'm not going to hide the fact that we were a little mentally tired. But they wanted to win a medal at the Olympics, and they did, so I think they have this drive and great energy in their luggage.

Gold favorite?

"In addition to Sweden, it's Canada and team Kerri Einarson, they are seventh in the world rankings. Even Switzerland, which didn't get it right at the Olympics, is becoming a threat. These three are the heaviest favourites to win the World Cup," says Eva Lund.