The documentary addresses, among other things, the case of Kenyan world star Agnes Tirop, with two individual World Cup medals, who is suspected of having been murdered by her husband, also a coach. The series also gives a completely different picture of what has been called the "Home of Champions", an area in the city of Iten where the Kenyan elite are training for training.

Female runners are driven to dope themselves, sexually and financially exploited.

- First of all, it's heartbreaking. It's shocking what the women you tell you about have to endure. We really need, as an industry, to confront these behaviors in a proactive way to change the sport and make it a safe environment," Brett Clothier, head of the Atlhetics Integrity Unit, told Swedish Radio.

Marathon star Mary Keitany says she was 16 when men in positions of power suggested she needed to line up for sex to reach the elite.

"They told me: Mary, you know that if you want to go abroad, you have to do certain things," she says in the review.