WBC = World Baseball Classic in baseball. Japan defeated USA to win the championship for the third time in three tournaments. Shohei Ohtani, who pitched as a restraint in the ninth inning, became a trend on social media when his uniform, which was stained with dirt on the ground, was described as a "muddy stopper."

In the WBC final held in Miami, USA, Japan took the mound in the ninth inning with a one-run lead, and Ohtani, who had entered the game as the No. 1 designated hitter, took the mound as a restraint.

Ohtani reached base on an infield hit in the seventh inning, and when he returned to first base with a walk, he slid his head and got dirt around the stomach of his uniform, and even after this, his uniform was stained with dirt due to sliding.

Ohtani walked onto the mound with his uniform dirty, which is unusual for a pitcher.

The word "muddy stopper," a combination of the word "stopper," which means restraint, has trended on Twitter.

On SNS...

"Muddy stopper!! The players who enjoy baseball the most and convey the wonders of baseball are the ones who can't take their eyes off !!!."

"I've never seen a stopper with a muddy uniform before, but it was good... It was too great."

Ohtani was the winning pitcher, allowing zero runs in the ninth inning.

"Otani MVP" is also in trend

Otani was also selected as the MVP = Most Valuable Player of this tournament.

In addition to winning two games as a pitcher in the first round, he also led the batting lineup as a batter, hitting a three-run home run in the first round against Australia.

In response to this, "Otani MVP" also became a trend on Twitter, with comments such as "Congratulations to Otani MVP Samurai JAPAN!!" and "Otani MVP!!! I'll imitate this grab and hat throwing momentum tomorrow because it's too cool!" There were a series of posts such as.

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