The riders collided in the middle zone and it didn't look to be anything serious when the situation occurred. Komarek had his arm high and Lundberg's legs flew up high. It was when Komarek, given a two-minute penalty for the tackle, took off his glove that seriousness emerged.

Austrian Komarek pressed with a towel over his wrist and was quickly taken out to the locker room accompanied by the team doctor. It's unclear what the status is for Komarek. He remained in the arena and C More states that he was sewn on the spot.

Cut Hiirikoski in the stands

On the doctor was Luleå's women's team, which took its fifth consecutive Swedish Championship gold on Monday. In the second final on Sunday, Jennie Hiirikoski sustained a cut to the neck from a skate splint after the neck guard went down. She had an angelic guard and was a few millimeters from a really serious injury, coped with a superficial wound that, however, required surgery.

She made heart signs with her hand to the audience.

At the end of the first period, Luleå's Tomi Sallinen had to be eliminated after a tackle to the leg. Despite strong reactions from the Luleå camp, Ludvig Nilsson managed without deportation.