During this week's World Cup competition in Tallinn, Estonia, equal herding was tested for all nations, where nations had to also use flour-free herding.

Now the International Ski Federation, Fis, announces that they will ban fluoride wax until next season. They will perform tests to ensure that the skis are fluoride-free at major competitions, such as at the World Championships, World Cups and Junior World Championships.

"We are pleased that we are now fully introducing the fluoride ban on our major competitions," says Fis Vice President Roman Kumpost in a press release and continues:

"This is an important step in ensuring the integrity of the competitions and minimising the effects of the product's negative health and environmental effects," he says.

Fis announced last year that the fluoride ban would take effect this season, but in August it was postponed.

The reason for wanting to introduce a ban on fluoride wax is that the chemicals found in the whale can be dangerous for both humans and nature.