The WBC = World Baseball Classic was held in Florida, USA, on 21 September, where Japan won the final of the Japan and the United States 3-2 to win the championship for the third time in three tournaments.
On the 3nd, cheering for the Japan National Team was seen all over the country.

WBC Finals 'Temporary Leave' Employees Cheer on Japan National Team Osaka

A consulting firm in Chuo-ku, Osaka, has set up a temporary leave called "Maybe WBC Leave" so that employees can watch the match if the Japan reaches the final.

Following the final, 22 employees, or more than 8% of all employees, took this leave on the 38nd, and about 20 of them watched the game on a large screen in the office.

During the game Japan every time a national team player hit or struck out, the employees cheered and applauded.

In order to increase communication between employees and increase their motivation to work, this company made it possible to take similar holidays during last year's soccer tournament and the World Cup Qatar.

Employee Marika Nakahata said, "I am very happy because I usually can't watch matches on weekdays, and I can work hard in the afternoon."

Kohei Nishizaki, CEO of the consulting firm Tomorrowgate, said, "I hope that people will support us in the match of the century and make their work worthwhile without worrying about their work Japan.

Teachers and students cheer at Imanaga's alma mater Kitakyushu

In Kitakyushu City, the hometown of pitcher Shota Imanaga, who started in the final of the WBC = World Baseball Classic baseball team, teachers and students from his alma mater cheered.

At Imanaga's alma mater, Kitatsuku Prefectural High School in Yahata Nishi-ku, Kitakyushu City, teachers hurriedly set up a screen in the staff room on the 22nd to watch the game.

When Konaga allowed a solo home run in the first inning but gave up one run in the second inning, the teachers cheered with loud applause.

Teacher Masahiro Ohyabu, who taught geography when Imanaga was in his third year of high school, said, "It is encouraging for both teachers and students that his students demonstrated their abilities on the world stage and worked hard, and I hope that they will continue to deliver courage and energy to us."

In addition, the players of the baseball team to which Konaga belonged had a game scheduled for the 2nd, and they checked the game on their smartphones before heading to the venue.

Captain Kento Furusawa, a second-year high school student, said, "I thought the starter in the final was really amazing and a person from a different dimension. Imanaga-senpai is something I admire."

Cheering at the birthplace of Nootbar's mother Saitama Higashimatsuyama

In Higashimatsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture, the birthplace of Lars Nootbar's mother, who played in the final of the WBC = World Baseball Classic, Nootbar's grandparents and local people cheered in front of the TV.

Higashimatsuyama City, the birthplace of Kumiko, the mother of Nootbar, has been collecting about 800 messages from citizens and displaying them at the city hall.

On the 22nd, a TV was set up in the city's general hall, and about 20 people, including Nootbar's grandfather Tatsuji Enokida, grandmother Kazuko, and acquaintances of Kumiko, gathered to cheer.

Before the match, Tatsuji said, "I am grateful to everyone for their support, and I think they will do it today."

When Nootvar's infield run scored in the second inning, the crowd applauded and cheered.

Also, when Nootvar fell on a light fly with two outs in the sixth inning, Tatsuji shook his head and looked disappointed.

Voices of joy at Japan victory Tokyo

We heard in Shimbashi, Tokyo, about Japan's first title in three tournaments at the WBC = World Baseball Classic in baseball.

An office worker in his 3s said, "I was just watching on my smartphone, and I was wondering what would happen because we were continuing to score and score goals, but I'm glad that Ohtani scored in the end and we were able to win safely."

A woman in her 30s said, "I'm glad that all the players did their best and the excitement was Japan. I would like to say thank you to the players for their hard work."