During the WBC semi-finals, the "Left Person" trended on social media, showing a Mexican left player who played against Japan.

The "left guy" that has become a hot topic on social media is Arosalena, Mexico's No. 1 player who plays for the Major League Baseball Rays.

In the fifth inning, he jumped and caught Kazuma Okamoto's home run to left field.

In addition to this good play, "jumping catch" and "Nioh standing" shown after catching the hit ball also became a trend.

With two outs in the same inning, Kensuke Kondo also hit a big hit to the left field fence, but was blocked by Arosalena.

Mexico added another run in the eighth inning shortly after Masanao Yoshida's three-run home run tied the Japan with a two-base hit by Arosalena.

Arosalena's play attracted attention, such as "Arosalena's monster catching a home run on this big stage" and "[Match I should have watched] Japan vs Mexico [Watch] Japan vs Alozarena".

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