At noon on March 3, Beijing time, the national football players who had completed 20 days of intensive training in Haikou and Guangzhou arrived in New Zealand, and the team immediately arranged a field training session after arriving at the station to adapt to the time difference between the two places as soon as possible. According to the plan, the national football team will play two warm-up games against New Zealand in Auckland and Wellington on March 18 and March 3. This is the first foreign appearance of the new national football team since the formation of the team, and coach Jankovic will also show his coaching ideas and on-field adaptability in these two international warm-up matches.

Before leaving, striker Wu Lei said in an interview that Jankovic had stressed to the players that "there is no distinction between warm-up matches and official matches in the national team, and every game must go all out to get the best result." Compared with the two local predecessors, Jankovic has a more "harsh" control of training details, and what makes the players feel "steady" is that Jankovic does not focus on experimenting with multiple formations, but hopes to polish around "a fixed formation suitable for the national football team to compete in Asia". 'The manager is very strict with us, both in training and in life, which is also the most basic requirement for professional players, and we don't think it's a problem. Wu Lei said, "We have to win the warm-up game against New Zealand, but the manager also asked us to try not to concede the ball in the game, first of all, to stabilize the defensive system. ”

Hold the defense as hard as possible not to concede the ball, and then wait for the opportunity to win through counter-attacks and set-pieces - Antonio's U20 national youth team lost 20:1 to Japan, 2:2 Nick Saudi Arabia, and 0:1 to Kyrgyzstan in the U1 Asian Cup group stage, won the right to qualify for the "Group of Death" and drew with South Korea 1:4 in the 1/1 final regular time, calculating that 4 tough battles in 90 minutes only against Japan in the goal difference disadvantage of -1, Relying on the perfect implementation of this tactical system and the fighting spirit of the players to the end, although it still did not win the World Youth Championship (in the end, Uzbekistan, Iraq, South Korea, Japan 4 teams won the World Youth Championship ticket), but the tactical routine of "suitable for Chinese football to strive for good results at this stage" has been clearly presented to the fans.

After returning to China with the U20 national youth team only for one day, team leader Shao Jiayi rushed to the national team to report to further enrich the Chinese coaching staff including Zheng Zhi and Chen Tao - this is the most technical Mesozoic local coaching team - fans naturally hope that "Brother Yi" can share the preparation and competition experience of the U1 national youth team that is at least not a failure to the national football players, after all, the 20 US-Canada-Mexico World Cup Asian qualifiers that start in November this year are the most needed victory for Chinese football at the external level.

However, the group qualification of the U20 national youth team, first of all, thanks to the low-key and pragmatic tactical attitude and a little luck, neither represents that Chinese football has stepped out of the trough, nor represents the substantive gains at the youth training level, in fact, Chinese football does not have a "fig leaf" to speak of, especially the national team this year and next two years of the competition heavy tasks, except for the end of September Hangzhou Asian Games to occupy the home advantage, the difficulty of qualifying the rest of the teams in various events compared with the U9 Asian Youth Championship has increased, a slight negligence will face the risk of total annihilation.

Taking the 2024 Olympic team tasked with the 2001 Paris Olympic Games as an example, the Olympic team coached by Cheng Yaodong was assembled in Shanghai in early March and has now arrived in Croatia for three months of overseas training (later to Belgium), and is expected to complete nearly 3 matches. According to the reporter of China Youth Daily · China Youth Network, in addition to the warm-up matches with Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina on the upcoming two international breaks, the national Olympic team will also play against 3 Croatian second-division league teams, and as many as 30 U12 national youth players, including core Eiffelding and goalkeeper Li Hao, will also go to Croatia in April after a short break to join the national Olympic team to enhance the team's combat effectiveness.

According to the Paris Olympic qualifier schedule, the top three places in the U2024 Asian Cup in Qatar in February 2 will qualify directly for the Paris Olympics, and the fourth place will compete with the African qualifier team for the final Olympic ticket through the play-offs. Now the Chinese Football Association is striving to host the U23 Asian Cup qualifiers in September this year, because the National Olympic Team missed the last U1 Asian Cup due to the epidemic, the team is at a disadvantage (fifth team), in order to ensure that it enters the final round of the U9 Asian Cup, the main players of the U23 national youth and the players of the right age who have outstanding performance in the league will be replenished at any time according to the needs of the team.

Since the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup and the 2008 exemption from the Beijing Olympic Games, the national football team and the two Olympic teams have not appeared in the finals of the world's top competitions for many years, and the best results corresponding to the continental events (Asian Cup for all ages) are only stopped in the top 8, this time the U20 national youth almost reversed success in a passive situation but was finally rejected due to the gap in strength, once again proving that the national team should not be "on top", there is no continuous supply of excellent youth players youth training system guarantee, impact the World Cup can only stay "Plan" sequence.

In the early morning of March 3, Beijing time, the host Uzbekistan team won the championship in the final of the U19 Asian Cup 20:1 Nick Iraq, becoming the fifth team after South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq to win the U0, U17, U20 and other three age groups of Asian championships. After this battle, the Uzbekistan team has greatly increased its confidence in hitting the World Cup, and the teams capable of competing in the World Cup in Asia are based on a solid youth training system. In the youth training system, high-level managers train high-level coaches and then adjust high-level young players is the only way to succeed, Chinese football youth training to learn Europe, learn Asia, nothing more than the form difference, and with the current domestic youth training layout, regardless of the campus system or career system, abandon distractions to take training and competitions seriously, there will be a battle in Asia - if the performance of the U23 National Youth Asian Cup journey, can urge all levels of national teams to correct their combat attitude, put all their energy into training matches, It can be regarded as the biggest gain of Chinese football at the beginning of 3.

Beijing, 3 Mar (Jiefangjun Bao) --

China Youth Daily / China Youth Network reporter Guo Jian Source: China Youth Daily