Kostomarov's Health

Roman Kostomarov has been in the hospital for three months. All this time, contradictory information about his condition appears in the press. So, it was reported that the athlete suffered one or more strokes. Information on the number of operations performed also varies. The other day, Moskovsky Komsomolets, referring to its own source in Kommunarka, wrote that Kostomarov had first amputated both feet, and then the lower legs of both legs. Also, doctors had to completely remove the hand of one hand, and the second is now under close observation. A new amputation is not excluded.

"To date, the general condition of Roman, of course, is difficult. In him, multiple organ failure is a simultaneous or sequential lesion of several systems with an initial predominance of symptoms of failure of one of them. It occurs mainly in patients of intensive care units. Simply put, this is when all the organs are depleted and cannot work themselves, "the source said.

The skater was unconscious for a long time and woke up recently. Doctors from time to time disconnect him from the ventilator for several hours, but are not yet ready to completely abandon breathing support. Roman's body is greatly weakened, he lost a lot of weight, and also suffered an emotional breakdown.

Friends and colleagues support the Olympic champion as much as they can. So, Ilya Averbukh said that Kostomarov is conscious and ready to fight for his recovery.

"His family is going through very difficult trials. All we can do is support comprehensively. I can say that Roma is absolutely conscious, he understands everything, he is ready to fight, he is ready to go forward, he accepts everything. We will do everything to ensure that Roma not only lives a full life, but also returns to the ice. Of course, we must pray, because a huge road is still ahead. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we are all striving for it, "Averbukh quotes "Championship".

The Power of Trusova

Canadian specialist Martin Even, who has been working in Russia for more than 15 years with her husband Alexander Volkov, shared her memories of Alexander Trusova. The Russian rocket trained in their group from 9 to 12 years old. According to Evenne, from the very beginning it was clear that Alexandra would become an athlete of the highest level.

"She always listened carefully to what the coaches told her. It was like a sponge - I absorbed everything, took new information. And most importantly, she did everything we asked. Trusova was always very strong physically – she did better push-ups than all the boys. Nature gave her great strength, and she took advantage of it. We knew she was going to perform well. Her five quads at the Olympics is just bravo, bravo, bravo. Few skaters can do that," Sport24 quoted the coach as saying.

At the same time, she found it difficult to predict whether the queen of the quads will be able to return to her previous level after a long break. Trusova has not performed fully since the autumn of last year: she missed the national championship and the final of the Russian Grand Prix.

"Sasha is very strong. But in June, she will be 19 years old – she is already a woman. It's harder for her to jump quads than before. The best time for skaters is 15-16 years. I can't say how she's going to perform. But I hope that she can still be at a high level," Evene added.

Meanwhile, Olympic champion Natalia Bestemyanova expressed confidence that Alexandra will certainly restart her career, as she had a dream that she did not conquer - Olympic gold.

"Trusova has not yet passed the period of growing up. There are problems with excess weight, there are problems after switching to another coach, a lot of psychological difficulties. But she has the motivation. She didn't achieve what she wanted. Alexandra will definitely return," Bestemyanova said.

Danielyan's Progress

But Artur Danielyan this season, on the contrary, managed to put his career on a new track. The athlete, who after the silver medal of the European Championship 2020 was tortured by injuries, decided to change the coach. He moved from Elena Buyanova, with whom he studied since 2016, to Evgeny Rukavitsyn. According to the skater, the change of scenery went to his advantage.

"By the end of the season, I came to what I was doing in 2020, in my last good, winning season. Yes, at the Grand Prix final I failed to make two quads in the free skate, but after the second salchow I completed the remaining program with almost no marks. As a result, almost every tournament for me came out on the plus. At the moment, this is my progress," Arthur said in an interview with Metaratings.

According to the figure skater, he really likes the atmosphere in Rukavitsyn's group. The athlete managed to make friends with all his partners - first of all with Dmitry Aliyev and Makar Ignatov - whom he certainly knew before, but not so well.

"After the move, we became close, they accepted me into their gang, helped me join. Many people said that Rukavitsyn's group had a family, fraternal atmosphere, but I did not fully understand what this meant, how it worked. In fact, it turned out to be so. They're all like brothers. We often get together as a group, which is not small in general, and it turns out to be such a kind of family gathering. There are a lot of personal moments. Guys really opened up to me from new sides. Moments I did not expect to learn something about them, but this is already between us, "Danielyan shared.

No less warm relations developed in the athlete and with the new coach.

"Evgeny Vladimirovich met me perfectly. It seems to me that we had an instant contact. That was what I needed. Because with previous coaches, we tended to get in touch and occasionally recovered. And then he somehow immediately got caught, and with all the coaches, and holds on. There is a sense of calm and freedom when communicating, "the figure skater noted.

Lyubov Kostornoy

Alena Kostornaya told how she came up with the idea to switch to pair skating. According to the former European champion, after undergoing hip surgery in the autumn, she was ready to skate in singles and learn paired elements for the show. And at some point, the skater realized that in pair skating she had more prospects. "It took a month to decide," Alena said.

As the figure skater admitted, she has not yet completely readjusted to the new discipline, but every day it turns out better and better. At the same time, despite the fact that while she and her partner Georgy Kunitsa have learned only double paired elements, Kostornaya dreams of getting to the Olympic Games.

"I'd just like to be there. My mother said to me: "Even if you open the board there and shout at me on the screen: "Mom, I got to the Olympics!", Then I will already be happy for you. " And if I also ride there, it will be great. But these are dreams. Whether or not it will work is another matter. Only time can show this," Alena said.

Simultaneously with the announcement of the creation of a sports couple with Kunitsa, Kostornaya admitted that they are connected by a romantic relationship. Now joint photos began to appear often in her social networks. According to the figure skater, she and her partner complement each other: "Gosha is calm, and I am a little agitated." At the same time, not all fans liked the candor of the athlete, and many leave toxic messages on social networks. Alena herself ignores such comments, but Georgy "likes to mock."

"Usually, when you put up photos with a hint of some kind of relationship, everyone immediately starts writing and saying that this is the end of a career. Probably a quarter of all the reports were about it. At first, such comments offend. And then you think, what can these people do? In fact, nothing, "said the figure skater.

Alena also spoke about her difficult character, which manifested itself in early childhood. According to the figure skater, at some individual trainings she could have achieved more if she had not started sobbing and hysterical when something went wrong.

"But these are isolated cases that, by and large, did not affect my results. Although such moments, of course, I would like to minimize. The only thing I regret is the Olympics. But I didn't get on it because of a broken arm. With plaster, no matter how much you would like to, you will not jump. It hurts, even if you don't move your arm. Well, the World Cup is pathetic. But then there was a quarantine, again not through my fault, "Kostornaya admitted.

Sotnikova's Revelations

Adelina Sotnikova became a mother in October last year and for a long time kept the sex and name of the baby secret. And now the Olympic champion of Sochi-2014 for the first time revealed the details of her personal life. In an interview with the Youtube channel Tatarka FM, Adelina admitted that she had a son, who was named Adrian.

"Not in honor of someone, just mom Adelina, dad Dima. And somehow such a puzzle was formed, "the former figure skater noted.

She also shared a story about how she found out about the pregnancy and reported it to her boyfriend. Sotnikova also hid the name of the child's father, but this secret was revealed during the filming of the program. The skater's beloved was tennis player Dmitry Popko.

"I bought a test, and we went with my mother, because my father was not in the country. I waited, waited, waited, saw... not two stripes, there was a cross and that's it, I was shocked. I cried with joy. I said, unfortunately, not personally - my favorite is from the world of sports, he was at that moment in another country at the competitions, "said Sotnikova.

According to her, she decided to tell Dmitry only after two or three weeks, because she did not know what kind of reaction he would have.

"When I told him in April, he asked: Is this an April Fool's joke? I say, no, April 1 has already passed, it's not a joke. Him: Maybe you're confusing something, maybe the test was wrong, maybe you'll do another one? He didn't expect to find out," Adelina admitted.

However, despite such an ambiguous first reaction, Dimitri became a wonderful pope to Adrian.

"The way he communicates with the baby, I have a balm on my soul. God willing, that this will always be the case, that everything will be fine with us, because a long-distance relationship is very difficult. We miss each other unbearably," the Olympic champion said.

Volosozhar's ambitions

Tatyana Volosozhar spoke about the work of her figure skating school. According to the Olympic champion, while she performs in it exclusively the role of manager and organizer, and it is not yet possible to take on coaching work.

"I'm watching everything from the sidelines. With age, maybe I will come to coaching. But while I still have young children, I devote a lot of time to them. It is almost impossible to combine this. I do not see a way how this can be done qualitatively, "Sport-Express quotes the former athlete.

At the same time, she admitted that she dreams of training sports couples from a very young age, and in the future - to achieve the same success in this discipline as Eteri Tutberidze with singles. In addition, the figure skater named her husband Maxim Trankov as a guide.

"I am proud of my husband – he was a great athlete, he won all the championships, including junior ones. He proved himself magnificently as a coach - and received the title of deserved. I can only be proud of Maxim and repeat his successes. I don't have the title of Honored Coach of Russia yet (laughs). That's going to be the goal, with my athletes from the center," Volosozhar said.