Maika Hamano, born in 2004, came to Hammarby in January and has already scored X goals in the first five games. She has started to come to terms with the team and the club despite a completely new environment and great language difficulties.

"When I came to Sweden I was nervous, but the more I talked to the players and got to know them the more I liked the country and this team. Everyone is very kind and funny," says Maika Hamano.

She has also had time to watch some Swedish ice hockey.

"Saori Takarada (Linköping FC) and I played football together in high school. Now we have been to ice hockey together in Stockholm," she says.

Hammarby first to get the question

Hamano was signed to Chelsea in January but was loaned directly to Hammarby where she will spend all this season. Hammarby's sporting director Johan Lager says that Hammarby was the first club to be asked about a loan from Chelsea.

"It's probably due to some contacts we've had before. We have Jonna Andersson and Adelina Engman who have played at Chelsea before who have certainly played a role in this. They saw well that it's a player for them but that she might need another year to get used to Europe before she's ready to compete seriously at Chelsea," Lager said.

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