On Saturday, Fredrik Reinfeldt will face Lars-Christer Olsson when the Swedish Football Association is to appoint a new chairman. It is the country's districts and elite clubs that have the right to vote at the meeting.

Pernilla Uddh, chairman of Värmlands Fotbollförbund, believes that a new way of thinking is required within the association, and that they will therefore vote for Fredrik Reinfeldt.

"Then he has quite a long way to go to get to grips with this movement. Because it is special to lead a movement that is controlled by the various federations and associations. But we think that if you have succeeded in leading a country through crises, he should probably be able to take on this assignment as well, she tells Värmlands Folkblad.

"Idiot arguments"

Fredrik Rakar is strongly critical of Pernilla Uddh's arguments.

- An idiot argument! It goes back to some kind of Old Soviet idea that the country's leader is the best pianist, best architect and best engineer... You get scared of the dark when someone reasons like that," he says.

"It's a joke to choose someone who has never been involved in football. Who never sat on any board of a football club. It's macabre! Why take a candidate who has never been in this context. And I think so regardless of his background.