Yesterday they fell in front of a crowded hall, 400 people, in Bjärred where there was a note on the hatch 45 minutes in advance against Ystads IF U with 34-31 in the direct qualifier. The qualifiers still remain to progress but where HK Ankaret, playing in Division 1 South, does not seem to participate.

"We players gathered tonight to discuss the situation. When we heard that the board was in an extraordinary meeting, we forced two people here to hear if there was a chance in the world to be able to play on. We were even more because we didn't get any answers," Åswärd said after the meeting, which was attended by vice-chairman Anders Rask, among others.

When the men's players appeared in the hall, they were clapped in by a youth team that was there practicing. The players had wanted a sorry or an apology but got nothing.

'Extremely deceived'

Other leaders in HK Ankaret have asked the players to hold out for another day to see if the team can play on in the qualifiers. After yesterday's game, parts of the locker room and shower were shattered in the anger that followed.

The team sent a list of sponsors to the board two weeks ago.

"After the final whistle, a person comes forward and says that he wants to sponsor with SEK 250,000 but has not heard anything. Why hasn't anyone picked up the phone? There are two gentlemen from the board standing in the locker room saying they've done everything but we feel extremely cheated," Åswärd said, believing it's over.

"There's no one who wants to play with the current chairman and vice-president.

"We have an ongoing fruitful dialogue with the men's team and sponsors have been contacted both on an ongoing basis, recently and now," vice chairman Anders Rask wrote in a text message to SVT Sport.

What do you say about the demand for your resignation?

"The board is elected at the annual meeting or extraordinary board of directors," Rask replies.

Watch HK Anchor's incendiary speech to the audience in the player above.