Qingdao, 3 Mar (ZXS) -- Topic: See also Ye Shiwen: Mature "little leaves" look forward to new breakthroughs

China News Agency reporter Hao Lingyu

"Maturity" is the key word that 27-year-old Ye Shiwen showed after returning to win silver at the National Spring Swimming Championships. For the famous swimmer of her youth, she has learned to face it comfortably, good or bad.

After crossing the personal peak of the London Olympics, Ye Shiwen, who had wandered at the trough, fell into depression for a while. In self-doubt, she accepted her coach's advice to devote herself to her studies and gradually found a way to accept herself in the midst of new challenges. Her study career gave Ye Shiwen time to think about the past dilemmas, and breaking through the shackles of the "aura of genius" not only allowed her to find her original intention of swimming, but also rekindled her desire to participate in competitions.

Recovering his "little leaf", he began to recover and returned to the World Series podium at the 2019 World Swimming Championships, winning two silver medals and returning to the World Series podium. Ye Shiwen once told the media: "It was a process in which I overcame myself, I enjoyed it very much, and I enjoyed it very much. ”

Before the 2023 National Spring Swimming Championships, Ye Shiwen's last major competition experience was the 2021 National Games in Shaanxi. At that event, she gave up the women's 400m individual medley in the individual event to focus on the women's 200m breaststroke and 200m individual medley, winning two silver medals and leading her teammates to the women's 4×200m medley relay gold medal.

For losing gold, Ye Shiwen has long ceased to be depressed. After winning the silver in the 200-meter individual medley at the National Games, Ye Shiwen did not express regret, but left more words for the small opponents who competed in the same competition: "I hope they will bravely break through and not be afraid of failure." When the results are good, you should also humbly look for problems, do not give up when you are low, and do not lose hope in swimming. ”

In this comeback, Ye Shiwen's goal is very clear, in addition to feeling the atmosphere of the national spring swimming championships and testing her training results, she also wants to win the Hangzhou Asian Games held on her doorstep. After winning the silver medal in the women's 200m individual medley today, Ye Shiwen, who came to the mixed mining area, did not rush to speak, but took a few breaths to calm down.

For the first game of her comeback, she gave herself a perfect score and bluntly said that she worked well with the new training team. "The coach respects my ideas and the pre-match training is basically based on my framework. I'm going to lead and he's going to fill it up. ”

For the next stage of planning and arrangement, Ye Shiwen's thinking is also clear. She believes that the recovery time is limited and her aerobic skills are not yet solid, "After the championship in Hangzhou in May, I may consider going to Kunming." Academically, she will try to spare weekends to complete her final thesis.

After participating in the Shaanxi National Games, "Xiaoyezi" returned to Tsinghua University to study. For her, the focus at that time was to finish her studies as soon as possible, while taking care of training, hoping to officially return to the team and compete in another Olympic Games. Her parents and friends advised her that she had reached the age of transition and not to work too hard. But Ye Shiwen said: "As long as there is love in the heart, age is not a problem. ”

Beyond the peak and through the trough, the more mature Ye Shiwen looks forward to releasing more energy in the pool. (End)