Medical staff were quickly out to care for the 35-year-old Finn. She was later carried off the ice on a bunk.

"I immediately felt that it was serious when I saw blood coming from my throat. I got scared and had time to think a thousand thoughts. My best friend Rosa Lindstedt (Brynäs captain) was quickly up to me and I asked her to call my parents. I wanted to reassure them. I knew they were watching the game and were worried.

What was it like to talk to mom?

- You can imagine yourself. It was very emotional.

After the match, SVT's expert Maria Rooth was critical of the fact that no ambulance was in place in the arena. Player-faced Sico also requires paramedics at every SDHL game.

"It's someone else's question to answer, but I hope that those who decide take this seriously and work to prioritize our safety in the future.

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The final match between Luleå and Brynäs was cancelled. Photo: SVT