Four professional baseball games were played after two games were cancelled due to rain.

▼ In the match between Hiroshima and Orix, Orix won 2-1.

Orix started the game with five hits and one run while starting pitcher Yamaoka threw five innings with runners on base, and second pitcher Fukuya Yamazaki pitched four innings with two hits and no runs.

Hiroshima's potential starter, Mori, gave up three hits and two runs in four innings, leaving control issues.

▼ In SoftBank vs. DeNA, DeNA won 5-5.

DeNA allowed five hits and two runs in four innings by starting pitcher Gazellman.

In batting, rookie Hayashi, the No. 1 draft pick, had two hits and one RBI.

SoftBank starting pitcher Fujii allowed five hits and four runs in six innings.

No. 2 Kurihara has maintained his good form with a two-base hit and a solo No. 4.

▼ In the Chunichi vs. Rakuten match, Chunichi won 2-4.

In Chunichi, starting pitcher Yanagi threw six innings and hit two solo home runs, but only gave up two runs.

No. 3 Okabayashi hit two timely shots.

Rakuten advanced to the Opening Day rotation with starting pitcher Fujihira allowing one hit and no runs in four innings.

Franco, a new foreigner, hit a solo home run in the first inning of the opener.

▼ Giants vs. Japan Ham was won by the Giants 2-6.

The Giants had two hits, including a two-run home run, by Maru, who was in good form.

New signing Brinson also had two hits.

Japan Ham hit a two-run home run in the fourth inning of the opener.

The starting pitcher Uezawa gave up four runs in five innings.

▼Yakult vs Hanshin and Lotte vs Seibu were canceled due to rain.