NBA = American professional basketball, Lakers Rui Hachimura scored 12 points, which was a double-digit score in three consecutive games against the Knicks, but the team lost and the winning streak stopped at three.

On the 12th, Yamura participated in the match against the Knicks in Los Angeles, his home base, in the middle of the first quarter, scored a middle shot from a quick attack, and scored his first goal in this match.

At the end of the 3rd quarter, where the team was chasing the other side, Hachimura made the second three-point shot of the match and extended the lead for a while, exciting the local fans.

However, in the 4th quarter, the lead was taken away again, and Hachimura made two mid-range shots to catch up in the final stages, but it was not enough.

Hachimura played 27 minutes and 26 seconds and scored 12 points and had 3 rebounds.

It is the first time since he transferred to the Lakers that he has scored in double digits in three consecutive games.

In the game, the Lakers lost 108 to 112, ending their winning streak at 3, and their overall record was 33 wins and 35 losses.

On the other hand, Yuta Watanabe of the Nets did not have a chance to play against the Nuggets.

The Nets won the game 122 to 120 and won 39 wins and 29 losses with two consecutive wins.