The final round of the women's golf domestic tour, the second round of the season, was held in Kochi Prefecture, and 24-year-old Hikaru Yoshimoto won the playoff with Shoko Sasaki, who was lined up at 19 under par, and won the tour for the first time. I was.

Yoshimoto started the final round as the sole leader with a total of 16 under par, and increased his score by 3 points with 4 birdies and 1 bogey to bring his total to 19 under par.

Sasaki, who came in second place, two shots behind, increased his score by five with seven birdies and two bogeys, and tied with Yoshimoto for a total of 19 under par, and the battle for victory was brought to the playoffs between the two.

In the playoff, Yoshimoto took a birdie on the second hole and won his first tour victory in his 7th year as a professional.

Ayaka Furue and Sakura Koiwai were in 3rd place, 3 shots behind, and Miyu Yamashita, last season's champion of the year, finished 18th with a total of 11 under par.