Manchester United suffered a serious blow when they lost 7-0 against arch-rivals Liverpool at their home ground Anfield.

The next day, images began to spread of Manchester United striker Wout Weghorst doing something forbidden.

Namely touching the "This is Anfield" sign hanging above the player entrance to the pitch.

Manchester United fans have raged against the Dutch striker as it is only something that only Liverpool players are expected to do.

- I know from the national team game that Virgil (van Dijk) touches the sign.

I tried to stop him from wearing it and disturb him before the match, explains Weghorst and continues.

- Sunday was a terrible day for us, we are leaving it behind.

We will bounce back, he writes.

Weghorst has made one assist in league play for the club since joining on loan last winter.

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Liverpool completely crushed arch-rival Manchester United Photo: TT/Bildbyrån