As usual, all awards ceremonies for players, which are based on the vote of team leaders, coaches, journalists and fans, appear after the end of the ceremony and the publication of the results. Curiosities and wonders appear in the voting process, and the “best” ceremony yesterday, Monday, did not deviate from this context.

It was remarkable that the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the player of Al-Nasr club and captain of the Portuguese national team, did not participate in the vote and entrusted the task to defender Bibi, the Portuguese player of Porto, who chose Klian Mbappe in first place, then his former Real Madrid colleagues Luka Modric and Karim Benzema.

In turn, Spain's Roberto Martinez, coach of the Portuguese national team, chose Lionel Messi in first place, followed by Kevin De Bruyne and Mbappe, and Ronaldo - who had previously won this award twice - did not get any votes, because he was not among the candidates who were eligible for votes.

The second remarkable thing in the vote, which swept the international press and communication sites, was the vote of Austrian David Alaba, Real Madrid's back and captain of his country, who chose Messi in first place, then Benzema, Real Madrid's captain, and Mbappe third.

The "royal" back was subjected to electronic bullying and racist insults through his official account on Instagram, which prompted him to resort to his accounts on the communication sites to justify his choices.

I HATE football fans.


Alaba as the Austria captain voted for Messi instead of Benzema to win The Best which is 1) a completely reasonable & honest choice and 2) he clearly explained the whole national team council has a vote there - he just represents them as the captain.

— 𝗙𝗜𝗔𝗚𝗢 (@fiago7) February 28, 2023

He wrote, "As for voting for the (best) award, the Austrian national team players vote for the award as a team and not my decision alone. Everyone has the right to choose and then the decision is taken. Everyone knows - specifically Karim - how much I appreciate him and his performance."

Regarding FIFA The Best Award:

The Austrian national team vote for this award as a team, not me alone.

Everyone in the team council is able to vote and that's how it's decided.

Everyone knows, especially Karim, how much I admire him and his performances

- David Alaba (@David_Alaba) February 28, 2023

It was also remarkable that Messi did not give first place in his choices to Mbappe, and preferred his other colleague Neymar, then Mbappe came second and after him Benzema.

Karim Benzema en story Instagram 😭

— Real Madrid FR (@FranceRMCF) February 27, 2023

After the end of the FIFA Awards Ceremony, Benzema posted a controversial video clip on the My Story service on his official Instagram account, in which a man appears repeating the word “liar” and attaching it to the phrase “good night.”

The following are the points obtained by the players who were nominated for the award:

  • Messi: 52 points

  • Mbappe: 44 points

  • Benzema: 34 points

  • Modric: 28 points

  • Erling Haaland: 24 points

  • Sadio Mane: 19 points

  • Julian Alvarez: 17 points

  • Achraf Hakimi: 15 points

  • Neymar: 13 points

  • Kevin De Bruyne: 10 points

  • Vinicius Junior: 10 points

  • Robert Lewandowski: 7 points

  • Judd Bellingham: 3 points

  • Mohamed Salah: Two points.