Masanao Yoshida of the Red Sox in the major leagues played in his first practice game after his transfer as No. 4 and left fielder, and hit a sacrifice fly at the opportunity to score an RBI.

Yoshida, who transferred from professional baseball team Orix to the Red Sox this season and has been selected as a member of the Japanese national team for the WBC = World Baseball Classic, practiced with a college student team in Fort Myers, Florida on the 24th. I participated in the game as No. 4 and left field.

In the first real game after the transfer, in the first inning, there was a chance of no outs on first base and third base, and the turn at bat turned around. and scored an RBI.

In the second at-bat, he was greeted without two outrunners in two innings, and although he hit the fourth ball from a two-ball one-strike, he was replaced from defense in the third inning.

After the match, Yoshida looked back with a smile, saying, "The American national anthem was sung, and the announcement was made in English. I entered the match with a fresh feeling."

Regarding batting, "I have never seen the trajectory of the ball, so there will continue to be many things that I have to make adjustments in the at-bat. I want to go there."

Yoshida is scheduled to join the WBC Japan national team in the beginning of next month after continuing to make adjustments, such as participating in open matches on the ground.