25-year-old Sebastian Samuelsson's season has so far not gone as he would have liked.

Therefore, before the WC, he puts the favorite pressure on the Norwegian, Johannes Thingnes Bö, who has been next to impossible to beat this season.

- I don't think he will win four WC golds, it very rarely happens and there I have a pass for Johannes, if he doesn't win four WC golds, it's a huge fiasco, says Sebastian Samuelsson with a big smile.

"Shot laser shooting with me"

Sebastian and the rest of the team have loaded up at home in Östersund for this year's WC in Oberhof.

The weak shooting he showed this year, he has hopefully worked away now.

- Hagge has visited my home and shot laser shooting with me in the evenings and we really put in a lot of work to find a good feeling again and I think I have that now, says Sebastian Samuelsson.

"Sebbe" himself believes, despite the bad season, that he is fighting for the medals in every race.

- If I have the maximum payout, I will take seven medals, so I am very determined and believe that I can fight for it, says Sebastian Samuelsson.