A Danish study has determined that mental illness is a widespread problem among young female soccer players.

28.1 percent of the young players who participated in the study have symptoms of anxiety, and 40.3 percent have symptoms of depression.

How the players feel is an important part of football, according to Sweden's confederation captain Peter Gerhardsson.

- We have our football psychological advisor Rasmus (Wallin-Tornberg) who is there to check, at our level, what it looks like.

It is an important part to keep an eye on the whole at all times.

The conversations that he has, it stays between Rasmus and the player, so we don't really know everything.

But that is one reason why we have him, that the players should feel good both on and off the pitch.

Having coached both men's and women's teams, have you reflected that there is any difference?


No, not in that way.

As for the football high school or the clubs I've been to, it hasn't generally been noticeable, I think.

When I coached the women's team, at the time we didn't have any extra resources, but it's not something I reflected on at the time.