Ahead of the opening of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) next month, the rules of the tournament were announced, including restrictions on the number of balls and replacement of players.

The WBC organizers announced the rules of the tournament on the official website on the 6th, before the opening on the 8th of next month.

Each team must have a maximum of 30 registered members, with at least 14 pitchers and at least 2 catchers.

In addition, 10 "nominated pitchers" that can be replaced during the tournament will be set up, and up to 2 people can be replaced after the first round and quarterfinals.

Players can be replaced in the event of an injury, but players who are out will be disqualified from participating in subsequent games.

Also, the pitch limit for pitchers is the same as the previous tournament in 2017: 65 pitches for the first round, 80 pitches for the quarterfinals, and 95 pitches for the semifinals and finals.

Regarding pitching intervals, ▽ If the number of pitches in one game is 50 or more, it is necessary to leave 4 days, and if ▽ 30 to 50 pitches are thrown in one game, or if you throw 2 consecutive days, it is necessary to leave 1 day.

Furthermore, regarding the extension, a "tie-break method" will be introduced starting from the 10th inning with no outs on second base.

The top two teams advance to the quarterfinals in the first round, which is held in a round robin of five teams.