Anna Sandberg sat and followed Peter Gerhardsson's team selection in a hotel room in Marbella where Häcken is on training camp, actually she was waiting for the U23 squad to be presented.

Instead, she got to see her name in the A national team squad.

- I have known that Amanda Nildén, who has the same position as me, is injured.

I have thought that there might be a small chance to join, but I haven't had too high hopes, she tells SVT Sport.

You've said before that you had Olivia Schough and Caroline Seger as your idols when you were a kid, what's it like playing with them now?

- You have followed the women's national team since I was a child.

I have dreamed of coming there and playing with those players.

I'm looking forward to it.

I will try to see and learn as much as I can.

That I myself will be there does not feel quite real.

"Feels a little more real"

It will not be the first appearance in the senior national team for Sandberg, who was part of Peter Gerhardsson's January squad, which consisted of players from the women's national team.

- This time it feels a little more real, notes Sandberg.

Two years ago, she was far from elite football, when Örebro, the Swedish women's club, recruited her for their F17 team ahead of the 2021 season.

Since then, his career has gone at breakneck speed.

On Monday, the national team camp starts in Marbella, where Anna Sandberg is currently with Häcken.

- It will be four days at home, then back again.

But I will certainly not complain, she says. 

CUT: Peter Gerhardsson named Caroline Seger in the national team

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Caroline Seger is approaching a comeback after the injury Photo: Bildbyrån