Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, February 5th. The 2022-2023 China Women's Basketball League (WCBA) All-Star Weekend was held on the 5th at the Longhua Cultural and Sports Center in Shenzhen. The North District Star Team defeated the South District Star Team 84:79. Wang Lili won the Most Valuable Player (MVP).

  After the jump ball, the star team of the South District took the lead to open the score. The all-star "voting king" Li Meng "blossomed inside and outside". Wonderful biography.

The North District star team launched a counterattack under the leadership of Wang Lili and Li Yueru "one inside and one outside", and finally helped the team reverse and win 84:79.

  Wang Lili scored 24 points, grabbed 6 rebounds and sent 7 assists to win the MVP. Li Yueru contributed 17 points and 20 rebounds.

For the South Star team, Li Meng scored a game-high 36 points, and Han Xu scored 16 points and 12 rebounds.

  In the individual competition in midfield, Wang Siyu won the skill challenge championship with "zero mistakes" in 29.4 seconds; Dong Ke'er made a flower ball at the buzzer to "kill" Ding Yike, and was crowned the three-pointer with 15 points.