Vice-President Mitsuru Murai, who is scheduled to become the new president of the Japan Badminton Association, which has been hit with scandals such as the embezzlement of a former staff member, met with Director General Koji Murofushi of the Japan Sports Agency and expressed his determination to reform, including the re-establishment of governance. rice field.

At the Japan Badminton Association, a series of scandals, including the embezzlement of former employees and fraudulent applications for subsidies, led to the resignation of an executive of the association in November last year.

In order to reform the organization, Mr. Murai, who served as chairman of the soccer J-League for eight years until last year, will be newly appointed as vice chairman and will be chairman in June this year.

On the 6th, four executives of the association, including vice-president Murai, visited the Japan Sports Agency, and first, Secretary Murofushi said, "Above all, we will adopt an objective perspective so that the players can play with peace of mind and the fans can support them with peace of mind. I want you to put a system in place,” he said.

In response to this, Vice Chairman Murai said, "We would like to promote the re-establishment of governance with high transparency. As a sports organization, we have produced world-class athletes and the standards are very high, so we will do our best to live up to expectations. I want to go,” and showed his determination for reform.

For about 20 minutes after this, they discussed measures to strengthen governance. We have to prepare a mirror within the organization to look at things objectively,” he said.