At the end of January, Amanda Zahui was traded from the Los Angeles Sparks to Las Vegas.

But the center did not have time to belong to the club for very long.

- I was very excited to go there, but they have signed a lot of other fantastic players.

So me and my agent quickly realized that I might not get much playing time.

The day before yesterday we asked if I was allowed to talk to other teams and Vegas said yes.

Within ten minutes Washington called and said "we need you on the court and on the team so we can compete against New York and and Vegas - with you on the team we can beat them".

- It feels great, quite honestly, Zahui continues, but also adds that Washington general manager Mike Thibault said she "has to find herself on the field again".

"Hard not to be able to play"

Have you lost yourself?

- Lost, no.

But not being able to play last summer, it was difficult.

He wants to see me play and have the joy that I play with the national team.

That's what he wants me to do in Washington.

When the WNBA season kicks off on May 19, it will be the first time since 2021 that Zahui has played in the league.

The start of the season last year clashed with the playoffs in the Turkish league, where Zahui played for Fenerbahce.

Then the Los Angeles Sparks chose to suspend Zahui for the entire season, without pay.

What does it mean to you to be back in the WNBA now?

- I see this as a year of reconstruction, I get to build my name again.

I get to focus on me, being the best player I can be for my teammates.

It will be a fresh start.