In barely two weeks, Luleå will play the final in the CHL, which means that the important SHL match against HV71 will be moved to Tuesday evening.

This means that the teams will have to do without their two scoring kings because HV71's André Petersson and Luleå's Isac Brännström will play the Beijer Hockey Games with Tre Kronor.

Wanted to play the game

- According to what I was told, there are rules that mean that if I have agreed before, I have to go according to the rules, says André Petersson.

Would you like to stay?

- Yes, we talked about it, of course.

To stay and play the match and possibly come here Wednesday or Thursday.

André Petersson, now on site in Malmö, is critical of the planning.

- It is not good, it is bad planning from the league to put a Champions League final in the middle of a season in the SHL where there can be very important matches, he says.

Important match at the bottom

HV71 is second last in the SHL and has four points up to Brynäs on safe ground.

Luleå is also involved in the bottom battle, another six points ahead of Brynäs.

Isac Brännström thinks it is fair that Luleå and HV71 each lose a player.

- It is clear that I would like to be there (in the match against HV71) but now I am here and I think it will be fun to play with the national team as well, he says.

Tre Kronor opens the Beijer Hockey Games with a match against the Czech Republic on Thursday.