The Japan Curling Championship held its final day on the 5th, and in the women's event, Roco Solare, who won the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics last year, beat SC Karuizawa Club, who advanced to the final for the first time, 7-5 to win the tournament for the second time in a row. fulfilled.

The Japan Curling Championships held in Kitami City, Hokkaido, has 9 teams each for men and women, and the women's final will be a match between Loco Solare, who won first place in the preliminaries and won the previous season, and SC Karuizawa Club, who advanced to the finals for the first time in the fourth place in the preliminaries. have become.

In the second end with a 1-point lead, Loco Solare was at a disadvantage due to a mistake in the opponent's last shot after Satsuki Fujisawa, who skipped, knocked out the opponent's stone. We scored two goals in the first offense to make it 3-0.

In the 6th end with Loco Solare leading 6 to 2, SC Karuizawa Club's skipper Asuka Kanai took the last shot to keep the opponent's stone away from the center of the house and scored 2 points.

However, Loco Solare surpassed them in accuracy of their shots, and in the 7th end, Skip Fujisawa added a point with a sure shot that knocked out the opponent's stone in the house.

Loco Solare led 7 to 5, and SC Karuizawa club conceded a loss in the final 10th end.

Loco Solare will represent Japan at the World Championships in Sweden next month.

player talk

Satsuki Fujisawa, the skipper of Loco Solare, who won the championship, said, "The stage of the final will be a tense match, but we were able to fight with a smile like we did. I'm happy to win the championship in my hometown. I want to participate in the world championship. My feelings were stronger than anyone else, so I'm really looking forward to it," he said with a smile.

The lead, Yurika Yoshida, said, "Neither this team nor I have won back-to-back titles, and above all, I'm happy to be able to challenge the world championships again with this team."

Yuko Suzuki, the runner-up, said, "I felt that the level of Japanese women is improving year by year, and there was a lot to learn, which gave me the opportunity to become stronger again. Today, everyone is concentrating and constantly sharing information. We had good communication," he said.

Third player Chinami Yoshida said, "If we communicate well, it will be easier to score any kind of shot, no matter how difficult it may be. I'm glad that we were able to make good shots as a team. Our goal is not to win, but to improve. I gave my best performance,” he said.