The Japan Cup, which competes for the best sport climbing and bouldering in Japan, was held in Tokyo. In the women's event, 20-year-old Futaba Ito climbed all four challenges in one try and won the championship for the first time in three years and for the third time.

Sports climbing bouldering is an event that competes for how many courses called 'tasks' are climbed within the time limit, and the Japan Cup, which competes for the best in Japan, was held in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo on the 5th.

Of these women, 20-year-old Ito completed the first challenge on her first challenge with a single blow, and after that, she cleared the challenges one after another with a supple climb that made use of her long limbs. .

Ms. Ito showed her overwhelming power to complete all the climbs up to her last four challenges in a single "swipe" and won the championship, her first time in three years and the third time in Japan.

After clearing her final task, Ito smiled and showed a fist pump, and the audience gave a big round of applause.

2nd place went to Tokyo Olympic silver medalist Imoe Nonaka, who completed 3 challenges, and 3rd place went to 15-year-old Aine Sekikawa, and 19-year-old Akira Mori, who was aiming for her first victory in 2 years. Aya was in 4th place.

Futaba Ito "Get stronger and participate in the World Cup"

Ms. Futaba Ito expressed her joy, saying, "Frankly, I'm happy because I was able to complete all the challenges in one shot and win the final. It's probably my first time to do everything in one shot, so I think it was great."

On top of that, "This season got off to a good start, and I was able to climb a climb that gave me confidence. I talked about my aspirations for this season.

He was looking ahead, saying, "I think this year will be a very important year for the Paris Olympics, so I'd like to start by focusing on getting a slot to participate in the World Championships."