Sharjah wins the "Cornado Case" against the Saudi Federation

A news report stated that the management of the Saudi Jeddah Federation resorted to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

This is in order to appeal against the decision of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), which stipulates the eligibility of Sharjah, the UAE, to obtain the stipulated penalty clause, due to the delay in financial payments for the transfer of Brazilian player Igor Coronado to the federation, last season.

And the Saudi newspaper, Al-Riyadiah, stated that the management of the Jeddah Federation did not commit to paying two payments on time, out of the 3 payments due to the Emirati club.

The value of buying the player’s contract is about 10 million euros, of which the federation paid the first part when signing the contract, the summer before last.

Sharjah had put a penalty clause in the contract, in the event of delayed payments, in the amount of one million euros for each month of delay.

The newspaper added that the Jeddah Federation paid the late amounts, at the beginning of the current season, but the Sharjah administration responded with a letter requesting the sums of the penalty clause for the delay, with a one-week grace period for payment.

And this was before the Emirati club resorted to the (FIFA) judicial committees, which resulted in a ruling in favor of Sharjah approving the penalty clause, for the Saudi club to appeal the decision before (Cass).

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