NBA = American professional basketball, Lakers' Rui Hachimura started the match against the Pacers and scored seven goals, and in the final fourth quarter he scored a series of rebounds and contributed to the team's come-from-behind victory.

Hachimura has scored in double digits in the last two games in which he started, and is increasing his presence in the new world. was appointed to

Hachimura made sure to score his first shot in the first quarter, but after that, the opponent blocked his shot, resulting in no goals, and the team ended the first half with a 13-point lead.

The match continued into the second half, but in the 4th quarter, Hachimura scored a shot at the start of the match, and then rebounded in quick succession under the goal of his team and the opponent's goal, leading to a goal for his teammates.

The Lakers caught up with Yamura, who took seven rebounds in less than four minutes, and with less than three minutes remaining, ace LeBron James scored a three-point shot for the first time in this game. We took the lead and won the competition after that, coming from behind with a score of 112 to 111.

The Lakers have won two games in a row and have a career record of 25-28.

Hachimura played 28 minutes and 19 seconds and scored 7 points and had 9 rebounds.

In addition, James scored 26 points in this game, increasing his total number of points in the NBA to 38,325 points, 62 points behind the all-time leader.