The International Olympic Committee continues to fend off the huge amount of criticism that again and again falls on it from different quarters.

But if two days ago the organization was condemned for the proposal to allow Russians and Belarusians to compete under a neutral flag, and the Ukrainian side even dared to accuse the IOC leadership of corruption, then two days later the situation changed.

Immediately, two UN experts expressed concern that such a decision "will open the door for pressure and interpretation."

This means that the issue of discrimination against Russians and Belarusians due to participation in tournaments without a flag and an anthem cannot be resolved - athletes must be allowed without any restrictions.

They also reminded of the need to comply with the Olympic Charter, as well as international human rights standards.

Almost immediately, the head of the ROC, Stanislav Pozdnyakov, who had previously taken a less rigid position on neutral status, reacted to the statement of UN experts. 

“We remain firmly convinced that Russian athletes should be allowed to participate in international competitions on equal terms with athletes from other countries without any additional conditions and restrictions.

For its part, the ROC fully supports and shares this position and insists that the IFs refrain from any discriminatory actions against Russian athletes solely on the basis of their nationality.

We proceed precisely from this, ”Pozdnyakov wrote in his Telegram channel.

Thus, an interesting situation arises: the decision of the IOC, which he considers optimal, does not suit either side.

However, to back down and keep the ban on the participation of Russians and Belarusians means for the organization to completely lose face.

Therefore, now it remains for her to maneuver between the streams of criticism and look for an option with the participation of athletes in international competitions that will suit everyone. 

At the same time, the committee tries not to remain silent, and on Thursday evening the IOC press service published a large amount of material on the official website in the format of questions and answers on the current situation.

Most of it is a repetition of already voiced theses.

In particular, the Australian Open is once again remembered as an example of a tournament with the admission of athletes under a neutral status, where the athlete from Belarus Arina Sobolenko won, and the Ukrainians and Russians were quietly on the same territory.

Also, the criteria that an athlete must meet in order to be admitted to tournaments are still unknown.

First of all, everyone is concerned about how it will be determined whether an athlete actively supports CBO or not, and how acceptable this is for people who love their homeland.

However, some points are still clear.

Alas, the news is not the most joyful.

Firstly, the IOC stressed that the final decision on the participation of Russians and Belarusians before the Olympics in Paris has not yet been made.

And while we are talking exclusively about competitions under the auspices of international federations and in Asia.

In addition, the organization does not plan in any way to compensate athletes for already missed qualifying starts.

Relatively speaking, if the qualifying tournament for the Olympics in any of the sports takes place before the IOC decides on the format for the participation of Russians in it, then no additional chances for qualifying for the Games will be created.

Nowhere, including in Asia.

As for doping control, it will affect every neutral athlete.

But in this case, it is not the fact that is interesting, but the reason.

This decision is connected with the scandal around Kamila Valieva at the Beijing Olympics, the outcome of which is still unknown, since the case will be considered by CAS.

Otherwise, the IOC tried to discuss in absentia with the parties to the conflict.

So, the invitation of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to visit Bakhmut in the committee was refused.

At the same time, they noted that Thomas Bach had already been in the country on a humanitarian mission last year.

At the same time, the organization criticized the idea of ​​a boycott of the Games in Paris, since this is contrary to the Olympic Charter and, remembering history, does not give any positive effect.

Interestingly, the commentary on Pozdnyakov's statement turned out to be even more formal.

The head of the ROC was reminded of the decisions of the summit of December 9, 2022, according to which sanctions against Russian and Belarusian states and governments are not subject to discussion.

However, this is exactly what is happening now.

And according to the President of the International Boxing Association Umar Kremlev, you need to continue to defend your position.

“The main thing is not to be silent.

There was a decision of some officials who urged: "Well, you need to go half way."

I call such officials stupid.

Well, how is it.

The same thing if they say: "Give up your mother and come to the tournament."

How can you make such an offer?

To me it sounds like this... This is my life, this is all I have, and you need to understand that we should not recommend this to anyone.

There is every chance if we do not remain silent.

We must do this, ”said the specialist in an interview with Match TV.

But, unfortunately, all this political, behind-the-scenes struggle takes too much time.

And representatives of summer sports practically do not have it.

They need admission to qualifying tournaments here and now, and not the publication of the IOC on the official website with answers to questions from European politicians.