Five months of great tension await

Real Madrid

on the pitch and in the offices.

While the

Club World Cup

, the


, the

Champions League

and the

Copa del Rey

are being played , the white team's board of directors will have to face talks to decide the future of a large part of their backbone.

Karim Benzema, Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Nacho Fernández, Dani Ceballos and Marco Asensio

end their contract on June 30 and have not yet signed their renewal.

Neither is

Mariano Díaz,

although in the case of the striker, the extension of his contract is completely ruled out in Chamartín.

The first three, club legends, are three of the eleven footballers most used by

Carlo Ancelotti.

Kroos is fourth in minutes

, only surpassed by Vinicius, Fede Valverde and Courtois;

Benzema the 10th

despite his stoppages due to injury;



, who


has been dosing, the



Last year they were 7th, 6th and 8th in playing time.

They are statistically



But his age,

33 years old for the German


35 for the French


37 for the Croatian

, raise unknowns in the Madrid environment and, especially, in that of the footballers.

In the white set are


, museum pieces of Madrid history whose decisions will always be accepted, but the club's rule on players over 30 years of age is clear:

renewals are signed from year to year


That already cost

Sergio Ramos

his .

And at the table of the three offers

do not stop arriving

that make them rethink the decline of their careers.

EL MUNDO reported yesterday that

Saudi Arabia

has offered

Benzema and Modric

a two-year contract and

60 million net

, without taxes, to play in the Arab league.

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Saudi Arabia tempts Ramos, Modric and Benzema: two years, 60 million net and no taxes

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Saudi Arabia tempts Ramos, Modric and Benzema: two years, 60 million net and no taxes

The dependence that Madrid has on the current Ballon d'Or is beyond any doubt.

After a 44

-goal 2021-2022 season

and after a start to the season led by the controversy with the World Cup and the French team, Benzema, who is recovering his form, continues to be the

team's top scorer

and the only footballer who has not a warranty replacement.


has played in his position

, versatile, and there is no


, so his loss would be dramatic.

On the horizon appears young


, still 16 years old, maturing to be able to steal a few minutes from him.

Despite the Saudi money, in Chamartín they trust their continuity and have not even considered the arrival of a substitute.

In the case of Modric, his age and the wide competition in the midfield, in addition to Madrid's interest in


, make the unknown even greater.

After that


with Inter in 2018, now it will be what the Croatian says and when he says.

Respect is mutual.

"33 would be a good age to retire"



there are fewer doubts, assuming in Valdebebas that he will extend his contract, although the uncertainty of when he will retire always hangs over him.

He already said goodbye to the German team at the age of 31 and from his speeches it is understood that he will soon hang up his boots: "

33 would be a good age

," he said in 2019 about his withdrawal.

"I'm not going anywhere, I'm not going to change clubs,

I'm going to retire at Madrid, but I don't know when," he explained a few months ago.

At 33 years old,


, always in the shadow of the leaders of Madrid's defense, is the

15th player most used

by Ancelotti.

A circumstance that is not unknown to him.

He knows that his importance is as vital as it is fickle.

In Chamartín they value him for his eternal professionalism, but the footballer has also seen that the arrival of Rüdiger has displaced him even more and he doubts about how to face the last years of his career.

The possibility of being the fifth '

One club man

' in the history of Madrid tempts him (before him

Zárraga, Camacho, Chendo and Sanchís

were ), but not at the cost of watching all the games from the bench.

Asensio and Ceballos, to convince

Asensio and Ceballos are the two footballers who will have to convince Madrid, and not the other way around.

The young Spaniards,


27 and 26

, have accumulated an irregular track record at the Bernabéu and the current season is a simple explanation for this.

The Spaniard, who looked like he was going to leave last summer, is the 16th player with the most minutes, he has started three times in the League and twice in the Champions League and he does not finish taking advantage of his already few opportunities.

He could receive an offer to extend his contract, but

he would be on the decline

seeing Madrid's confidence in Rodrygo and Valverde.

He has

a poster in England

, so his continuity hangs by a thread.

As for


, a hypothetical departure from Modric could open a hole for him in the squad, but for this he will have to maintain the level of recent weeks.

After being ostracized during the first part of the course, his good game at Villarreal has helped him start

three games in a row


Always defended by Ancelotti, the second part of the season and the ups and downs in midfield will mark his future.

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