Head coach Bo Svensson from FSV Mainz 05 has been banned from the next DFB Cup game after insulting the referee team in the cup game against FC Bayern Munich.

This was announced by the German Football Association on Thursday.

Svensson said to the assistant referee in the 82nd minute of the round of 16 on Wednesday, "You are blind".

Referee Deniz Aytekin (Oberasbach) then showed the Dane the red card.

Mainz lost 0:4 (0:3).

The indoor ban begins half an hour before the start of the game and ends half an hour after the final whistle, the message said.

During this time, the coach is not allowed to stay inside, in the changing rooms, in the players' tunnel or in the dressing room aisle.

During the entire period, he may not come into direct or indirect contact with the team.

Svensson has agreed to the verdict, which means that it is final.