Orix's camp in Miyazaki City is the second day.

Fourth-year pitcher Daiya Miyagi, who has been selected as a representative of the WBC = World Baseball Classic in March, ace pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and pitcher Yuki Udagawa all enter the bullpen and prepare for the tournament. have been adjusted.

Miyagi, Yamamoto, and Udagawa were selected from Orix to represent Japan in the WBC, and on the 2nd, all of them threw into the bullpen at almost the same time.

Pitcher Yamamoto entered the bullpen following the 1st and confirmed a new pitching form that lowers the position of the left foot compared to last season.

In addition, pitcher Miyagi, who has won double digits for the second consecutive year, made the catcher sit down and threw about 60 pitches, including breaking balls.

Miyagi has been reviewing the forkball pitch he is aiming to master on his own pitch.

Pitcher Miyagi, who finished practice, said, "A good pitcher holds a forkball as a ball, and I want to be able to throw it from any count. The soccer World Cup has been exciting, so next time I want to make it exciting at the WBC." I was talking about my intentions.