NBA = American professional basketball, Rui Hachimura's Lakers and Yuta Watanabe's Nets played against each other on the 30th, and Hachimura scored 16 points and Watanabe scored 12 points, both scoring double digits.

Ace LeBron James was absent from the Lakers, and Hachimura was appointed as the starting lineup for the first time this season in the third game after the transfer. .

Watanabe entered midway through the 1st quarter, and at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, there was also a matchup where Watanabe marked Yamura, who had the ball.

Watanabe scored one 3-point shot in this quarter, and also marked two blocks that blocked the opponent's shots.

The Lakers, who were outnumbered in the game, gained momentum at the beginning of the 3rd quarter with Yamura's 3-point shot, and temporarily reversed the game.

After that, the Nets regained their rhythm, and in the 4th quarter, Watanabe moved around on offense and defense.

In the second match between Japanese players this season, Yamura played the longest 27 minutes and 48 seconds after the transfer, scoring 16 points and rebounding 4 times.

Watanabe played 21 minutes and 21 seconds and scored 12 points and had one rebound.

In the game, the Nets won 121-104 for a career record of 31-19, while the Lakers were 23-28.