The quarter-final against the Netherlands, which Argentina won 6-5 on penalties, has gone down in World Cup history as one of the very best and most dramatic.

It was a match filled with emotions both on the pitch and long afterwards.

Messi shouted at Wout Weghorst afterwards: “What are you staring at, you fool.

Go away!"

shouted Messi during an interview where the reporter tried to calm Messi down.

"You don't have time to think"

- Of course it was not well done.

I'm not happy about what happened.

You are so turned up and tense in those situations.

Everything happens so quickly.

You don't have time to think, you just react, says Messi in his first interview with Urbana Play since the championship.

- It was nothing that was planned, it just happened.

It's not the impression I want to give, but it's something that just happens, explains Messi.