We hadn't heard it since this crazy final against France, won after suspense and an unbreathable penalty shootout.

Lionel Messi, finally winner of the World Cup at 35, returned Monday for local radio Urbana Play on the coronation long awaited by him and a whole nation, which found the time long from 1986 and which began to say to itself that its captain would ever lift the most prestigious of trophies.

“We are world champions!

Now we can say it.

Since that day, everything has changed for me.

What I wanted so much throughout my career happened and it happened at the end,” Messi said.

As the competition progressed, Diego Maradona's successor felt deep down that this edition would finally be the right one.

“I always thank God.

I knew he was going to give me a World Cup, I don't know, I felt it, he said.

It was crazy, the happiness of people, adults, children, of all ages, their happiness was incredible.

It was much more than I could imagine.


The joy felt by the Argentine number 10 during the celebrations expressed years of frustration in the national team.

“There were times when I suffered a lot, a lot of disappointments, with lost finals.

I had received a lot of criticism from and I know that my family suffered as much as I did, if not more.

I was told unfair things that went beyond football and that's what really bothered me.

It was like coming full circle, we won the Copa America, we won the World Cup, that's all.

It's finish.


Today, he is fulfilled after having won absolutely everything.

“Here, there is nothing left, I won everything with the selection, Barcelona, ​​and individually,” noted Messi.

PSG would certainly not be against a last Champions League for the road.


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