China News Agency, Beijing, January 30th. The Indonesian Badminton Masters ended on the evening of the 29th Beijing time.

The Chinese badminton team won the mixed doubles championship and runner-up, and the women's doubles and men's doubles won the championship and runner-up respectively.

  In this competition, Guoyu sent a new lineup with the old and new, and some "post-00" players got the opportunity to exercise.

Both men's doubles and women's doubles entered the final, and both mixed doubles won the semifinals, securing a gold medal in advance.

In the women's singles, both Wang Zhiyi and Han Yue lost in the semi-finals.

Men's singles "only seedling" Shi Yuqi lost to Jonathan 1:2 in the semifinals and missed the final.

  In the women's doubles final, the new Chinese team Liu Shengshu/Zhang Shuxian defeated the Japanese team Fukushima Yuki/Hirota Saika to win the championship. The young player Liu Shengshu won his first Super 500 championship.

In the first game, the Chinese team took the lead in the first half, but the Japanese team clung to it and tied the score at 20.

At the critical moment, the Chinese teenager withstood the pressure and won the first game at 22:20.

The process of the second game was exactly the same. The Chinese team finally won the second game at 21:19 and ended the game 2:0.

  Before the Indonesia Masters, Zhang Shuxian’s partner was Zheng Yu, and young player Liu Shengshu’s partner was Tan Ning. In order to create a more competitive women’s doubles, Guoyu split and reorganized the two pairs.

After the game, Liu Shengshu said that he didn't feel nervous during the game. The main idea during the game was to be himself and learn from his opponent.

Talking about being tied by the opponent, Liu Shengshu said that his combination adjusted the rhythm at the critical moment, and finally won the game.

  The "Chinese Derby" was staged in the mixed doubles final. The combination of Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping fought fiercely in three rounds and defeated their teammate Jiang Zhenbang/Wei Yaxin who participated in the Super 500 for the first time with a total score of 21:15, 16:21, and 21:19. This is also Feng Yanzhe's first tour championship in his career.

  In men's doubles, the Chinese team He Jiting/Zhou Haodong lost to the Indonesian team Karnando/Martin at 17:21 and 16:21 and won a silver medal.

  In the women's singles, South Korea's An Seying won the women's singles championship by defeating the Spanish star Marin at 18:21, 21:18, and 21:13.

In terms of men's singles, Indonesian player Jonathan easily defeated his teammate Valdoyo at 21:15 and 21:13 to win the men's singles championship.