, Hohhot, January 29th: Chinese women's basketball star Li Yueru's Spring Festival: Spending the New Year with his family is the best reward

  Chinanews reporter Li Aiping

  Li Yueru, who is 2.01 meters tall, speaks fluently and naturally when standing in the training venue to talk about the upcoming game, but when it comes to reuniting with her family during the Spring Festival, she seems very shy.

  She said to the reporters who came to interview in a low voice, "This Spring Festival is very special to me. Not only is there no training and competition for the national team, but also the WCBA league is in the offseason. New Year's Eve."

  "Being able to celebrate the New Year with my family during the Spring Festival is the best reward I have received."

On January 29, she revealed in an interview with reporters, "Actually, I am a very family-loving person."

  "Spend this Spring Festival with my family in Guangdong." Li Yueru said, "The Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit has a different meaning to me. I haven't spent the New Year with my family in three years."

The picture shows Li Yueru.

Photo courtesy of Inner Mongolia Rural Credit Basketball Club

  As an active Chinese women's basketball player, Li Yueru is an absolute "celebrity".

On October 1, 2022, in the final of the 2022 Women's Basketball World Cup held in Sydney, Li Yueru and his teammates won the World Cup runner-up in this event. The Chinese women's basketball team won the medal again after 28 years.

  At the club level, Li Yueru has had a smooth journey since joining the Inner Mongolia Rural Credit Basketball Club in 2020. He has helped the team win the WCBA league championship in the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 seasons.

  Li Yueru, who was born in 1999, actually left the "embrace" of her parents very early because of her "height" advantage.

  "My father is 1.90 meters tall, and my mother is 1.80 meters tall." Li Yueru, who has good height genes, said in an interview, "When I was born, I weighed 9 catties and 2 taels, and my impression was that I was much taller than other children since I was a child. In junior high school, my father was worried that I would feel uncomfortable and feel different from others, so he sent me to learn basketball."

  According to public information, Li Yueru, who grew to 1.83 meters at the age of 11, first practiced in the Henan Sports School, and was later chosen by Ding Wansong, the head coach of the women's basketball team of the Dongguan Sports School, and came to Dongguan to develop.

  "When I first arrived in Dongguan, I felt that everything was quite novel, and the coach treated me very well, but after that, I kept changing places due to training and competitions." , It is not easy to be reunited with family members during the Spring Festival.

  Li Yueru recalled that even though she went home less often, when there was no competition, she still wanted to reunite with her family as soon as possible, especially with her younger sister.

  "When I was making dumplings with my parents during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, I felt very warm watching my sister grow up and play around alone." During the interview, Li Yueru was willing to "shift" more topics to her sister.

  "Although my mother still dotes on me very much, I have grown up, and now I need my younger sister to play the role of being protected, loved, and playing alone. My sister and I have to switch roles." Li Yueru told reporters, unknowingly I have a lot of sense of responsibility in myself.

  Regarding the sense of responsibility, her most obvious feeling is, "Now my mother has to discuss many things with me, and I have to take care of the family and help my mother solve problems."

  "I try to spend more time with my family when I have vacations, travel with them, go out to play and so on." Li Yueru believes that as a basketball player, his professional attributes are like this, and it is impossible to have the best of both worlds to accompany his family. will understand."

  What fills Li Yueru's heart is, "My family doesn't care about winning or losing the game, they only care about my physical health, which allows me to participate in the game without distractions and too much psychological burden."

  "In some important games, my mother will usually come to the scene." Li Yueru said that seeing her mother on the court will make her feel extremely happy and full of strength.

  On February 4, Li Yueru will represent the Inner Mongolia Rural Credit Basketball Club in the 2023 WCBA All-Star Game.

As a center, she was praised by the industry as the female version of "O'Neal", she said, "This is a gathering with women's basketball friends."

  The Inner Mongolia Rural Credit Basketball Club believes that being able to participate in this event is just a manifestation of her personal strength.